City Council

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City Council 2017-2021City Council consists of a Mayor and eight Councillors, elected for a term of four years. The position of Mayor and Councillors are at-large elections, meaning that each person elected represents the City as a whole and not a particular ward or section of the City.

The Municipal Government Act sets out the powers of municipal governments. The Mayor is the Chief Elected Official of the municipality and has duties as both Councillor and Mayor. The Chief Administrative Officer of the City is in charge of day-to-day City operations and employees.

Our Strategic Priories

Economic Development
We foster a sustainable, growing and diverse economy with a strong industrial base and a vibrant downtown.

Infrastructure & Amenities
We have high quality, sustainable infrastructure and amenities, and a reputation for excellent management and maintenance.

Social Wellness
A safe community that welcomes diversity and supports all citizens with high quality and accessible cultural, recreational and public services.

Image & Profile
We promote our distinctive community and excellent quality of life to our citizens and the world.

Fiscal Management
Responsible financial management focused on the long term ensures a sustainable City.

City Government
The City increasingly stands out as a well-governed and well-organized municipal corporation with a positive corporate culture.

City Council Meeting

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