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Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use

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Photo Gallery

Copyright, Terms and Conditions of Use
By accessing the City of Medicine Hat (the “City”) Photo Library, and in consideration of such access and use, you signify your agreement to the following conditions and terms of use. The City reserves the right to change any portion hereof without notice. Your continued use of this Photo Library, following the posting of the changes, will mean you accept those changes.
  1. This Photo Library contains images (the “Images”) in high-resolution .jpg format. These Images are owned by, and the property of, the City with all rights reserved (including copyright), except those expressly allowed herein. The Images may only be used for limited purposes and in limited ways, unless the City consents otherwise in writing.
  2. The Images are available at no cost, and may be reproduced, provided it is for the following purposes (and excepting out those of the following which are also commercial in nature and/or illegal, immoral, slanderous or obscene):
    • promotional materials, not intended for retail sales, such as brochures promoting a specific area and/or all of Medicine Hat.
    • convention and trade show materials, not intended for retail.
    • articles for newspaper and magazines featuring the City.
    • websites promoting (not for retail purposes) the City and/or to create awareness.
  3. For clarity, none of the Images can be used for commercial purposes without first obtaining the consent of the City. For example, the following types of uses are prohibited:
    • reference materials related to tobacco and alcohol.
    • retail items or materials intended for sale such as books, calendars, postcards, place-mats, or screen savers.
    • personal and commercial letterhead and promotional materials.
    • materials designed for interior decoration.
    • packaging or promotion of products intended for sale.
    • advertising materials to promote commercial business
  4. You may not alter the Images electronically or otherwise or create derivative works. For example, you cannot misrepresent a location or create a false image. However, cropping, sizing and creating montages are allowed, provided they otherwise satisfy these terms and conditions of use.
  5. Anytime an Image appears in print, the City must be stated as the copyright owner and the photographer must be named (if outlined with an Image). Whenever possible, you should include the descriptive captions.
  6. You may not rent, lease, or sublicense any Image (or part thereof).
  7. Images reproduced on the Internet may only be used at 72 dpi or lower.
  8. In no event will the City be liable to you for any claims, costs, losses or damages, you incur or sustain by using the Images. The City makes no representations and warranties in relation to the Images or any other information in the Photo Library. All use is at your own risk.
  9. You indemnify and save harmless the City for any claims, costs, losses or damages incurred or sustained (including legal costs, on a solicitor client basis) by the City that relate directly or indirectly to any use by you of any Images
  10. Your full compliance with the general Terms of Reference in the City’s website are incorporated into and form part of these terms and conditions of use.
  11. Copying the Images and the material in the Photo Library in whole or in part, except according to the terms and conditions set out herein, is forbidden without prior written permission from the City.
  12. In addition to complying with these terms and conditions, you also agree to comply with the general Terms of Reference in the City's website, which are incorporated into and form part of these terms and conditions of use.

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