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Purchasing a Commercial Lot

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Use this form if you are interested in purchasing property from the City of Medicine Hat. It is acknowledged that this Application is not an offer or a contract and does not constitute an interest in land. The purpose is to provide information to the City regarding your desire to purchase property, prior to negotiation of a formal Real Estate Purchase Contract. The completion and submission of this Form in no way obligates you to purchase the property in question and is not in any way binding upon the City. It is for information purposes only.

After you submit this Application to, we will review your information and be in contact with you within 3 to 5 business days of the deadline for submissions to confirm whether or not the City is interested in negotiating a formal Real Estate Purchase Contract with you. A 'sample' copy of the City's standard Real Estate Purchase Contract is attached for your information. Any requested changes to this Contract must be set out in this Application. The City reserves the right to accept, amend, reject or negotiate any requested changes to the Contract, at its absolute discretion.

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