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New Service Requirements

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Water and Sewer Service Line InstallationPlumbing

The water and sanitary sewer lines from the mains in the middle of the street to the property line of your house or business are owned by the City, however new servicing costs are the responsibility of the property owner. The property owner is responsible for and owns the lines from the property line into the building.

The following steps are necessary to establish a new water and/or sanitary sewer service from the mains in the street to the property line:

  1. Start at Planning & Development Services located in City Hall. Here they will provide you with zoning information, information required by code based on the building you are planning to construct etc.
  2. Contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176 and request to speak with a Construction Supervisor to assist you with an estimated cost for the installation of the new services from main to property line. For an accurate estimate, please be prepared to provide an up to date site plan with the size and location of services required.
  3. Once you are ready to schedule the work, contact Environmental Utilities again to make arrangements to pay the deposit and schedule the work. It is your responsibility to coordinate a private contractor to install the services on private property.
  4. Once the work is completed, the final cost of the work will be calculated by Environmental Utilities. You will either be billed for the shortfall from the deposit or refunded the excess from the deposit. Please note that you are not permitted to hire a contractor to complete the work on City lines in the street.

The installation or replacement of the water and/or sanitary sewer line from property line to the house or business is the property owner’s responsibility.

  • You must make your own arrangements with a contractor of your choice (the City will not undertake work on private property).
  • Please ensure your contractor obtains the necessary locates through Alberta One Call and Environmental Utilities as well as permits from Planning & Development Services.

Waste Collection Services

Residential Waste Cart - Grey CartPage 4 Carts
In accordance with Waste Bylaw #1805, “all residential waste must be placed inside a Residential Waste Cart supplied by the City”. Therefore, all residential dwellings are provided with a residential waste cart for use in disposing of household garbage. If you are taking possession of or building a new home in Medicine Hat, contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176 to request that a waste cart be delivered. A cart will not be delivered until the possession of the home can be confirmed via the utility account. Carts are for household waste only and will not be delivered to houses still under construction. 

Recyclables Cart - Blue Cart
Residential Recycling is a mandatory program in an effort to increase recycling participation by all residents in Medicine Hat to reduce the amount of recyclable material going into the landfill. All residential homes up to and including 4 plexes who currently have City of Medicine Hat issued grey waste carts will have a blue recyclable cart. 

New residential homes will be delivered a grey and blue cart upon request at utility sign on.

Yard Waste Cart - Green Cart
Yard waste carts are part of an optional yard waste collection program. Should you choose to partake in the program to have your yard waste materials collected via an automated cart, contact Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176. There is a one-time level of service change fee in the amount of $50 that will be applied to your utility account and can only be authorized by the current utility account holder for the property.

Commercial Waste or Cardboard Bin
You may choose to request a containerized waste and or cardboard bin for your business by contacting Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176.

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