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Wastewater Treatment and Collection

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Wastewater Treatment

The City of Medicine Hat Wastewater Treatment Plant treats wastewater (sewage) released from residences, businesses and industries in Medicine Hat and the surrounding communities including Redcliff, Desert Blume and Veinerville.


Located East of the city just below the Waste Management Facility and directly across the river from Police Point Park at SW ¼ Section 4, Township13 Range 5, W4 Meridian – the Wastewater Treatment Plant is in operation 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to ensure that the effluent discharged back into the river is treated to meet the rigid industry, municipal. Provincial and federal standards set forth by the City’s Sewer Bylaw #1541; Alberta Environment and Parks and Environment and Climate Change Canada.

From your home to the river, sewage is transported through various pipes, lift stations and pumps before entering the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s headworks building. From there the sewage is transferred through screens to separate it into two different streams - solids versus liquid. Solids are dewatered and transported to the Waste Management Facility to be used in the biosolids compost production. Liquids are put through filters; chemical additions; scum removal; additional sludge removal and UV disinfection before the final effluent is transferred to storage ponds then discharged into the South Saskatchewan River.

Collection System

The City collects wastewater from sewer customers through the wastewater collection system and is responsible for the installation and maintenance of sanitary sewer mains; City sewer services (sewer laterals); City owned service plug valves as well a sewer flow meters.

Field Operations crews in Environmental Utilities are responsible for maintaining and operating the wastewater collection system, with approximately 400km of sanitary sewer mains and 5000 sanitary sewer manholes. The sanitary sewer mains lead to and from lift station pump houses before going under the River and ending at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. As the city grows, new infrastructure is added with more sections of pipe to be maintained each year. 

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