Property Review

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Mail-Out Survey Reviews

 Each year select neighbourhoods are sent a survey to complete. If your property is in one of these areas, you will receive a survey mailed to you.  This survey can be completed in one of the following ways: 

  • mailed to the Assessment Department in the self-addressed envelope sent with the survey;
  • dropped off at the Assessment Department at City Hall;
  • scanned and emailed to; or
  • completed online using the links below. The Access Code provided in the letter accompanying the survey will be required.

Online Single Family Residential Survey
(Click Here to Complete Online)

Single Residential

Blank Residential Request for Information Questionnaire (PDF)
(Print and Submit via email or mail)

The City of Medicine Hat property tax assessors are reviewing property information in various areas of the city. These reviews are required to complete both re-inspection cycles and annual assessments. Property reviews may be conducted by mail out surveys for you to complete or by on-site visits by an Assessor.  

Why does an Assessor want to review my property information?

  • To assess new construction, renovations, changes, additions, demolitions, etc.
  • To determine the condition and depreciation of your property
  • To complete the work necessary for annual assessments and re-inspection cycles, which ensures fair and equitable assessments

On-Site Property Reviews

Assessors will do the following when they need to review your property:

  • Knock at your front door and introduce themselves.
  • The assessor will be wearing a City of Medicine Hat photo identification card and can produce a business card upon request.
  • Provide a reason for being at your property.
  • May ask to come into your home to review the interior property information.
  • If you are not home, the assessor will complete the exterior review.
  • If necessary, the assessor will leave a door hanger or business card with a number to call and set up an appointment for a review of the interior information.

Under what authority can an assessor enter or inspect my property?

The Municipal Government Act, Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000, Chapter M-26, Sections 294, 295 provides the assessor with the right to enter on and inspect the property to carry out their duties and responsibilities. You may view the full legislation from Alberta Municipal Affairs.

If you have any questions please call Assessment at 403.529.8114.