COVID-19 Property Tax Deferral

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2020 Property Tax Deferral

The City of Medicine Hat understands the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on our community. Please keep in mind that the municipality provides essential services to the entire community including police, fire, infrastructure and city operations to help our residents. Maintaining essential municipal services is necessary to keep the community moving forward.

COVID-19 Credit
City Council approved property tax relief as part of the COVID HAT Support Framework in response to COVID-19 which includes, a tax deferred due date and a Medicine Hat COVID-19 Credit. This credit will offer support of approximately $3.9M for all property classes. This will be achieved by maintaining the municipal tax rate at the 2019 rate.

2020 Property Tax Due Date deferred from June 30 to September 30
Property taxes will be mailed out on July 24, 2020 with a deferred due date of September 30, 2020. Council has approved this deferral to allow taxpayers additional time to pay their taxes without being penalized.

What is the provincial non-residential education tax deferral?
The Province of Alberta has deferred the non-residential education tax by six months starting April 1,2020 with a due date of September 30, 2020. The City has taken the Province's lead by deferring the total current year tax bill to September 30, 2020 for all property classes.

For more information on the non-residential education tax deferral, visit the Alberta Government website.

 When will I receive my Property Tax Notice?
  •  Tax Notices will be mailed out on July 24, 2020
When are my property taxes due?
  •  Property taxes are due by 4:30 p.m. on September 30, 2020
 How much will my tax notice be?
  • You can find out how much your 2020 property taxes are by using the Tax Estimator.  The tax estimator requires your property assessment value from your 2020 Assessment Notice, or you can obtain your assessment value for free on eServices.
 What is the penalty rate if I don't have my taxes paid by September 30, 2020?
  •  October 1, 2020 - 5.82%
  • November 1, 2020 - 0.59%
  • December 1, 2020 - 0.59%
  What are my options if I can't pay my 2020 property tax bill?
  • TIPP is a monthly instalment payment plan. Payments are withdrawn on the 1st of the month.
  • Sign up before September 30 to pay the total of the missed instalments of the current year now, plus a one time late filing fee of two percent of the initial payment. Then the remaining balance will be paid by monthly instalments.

  • TAPP is a monthly instalment payment plan. Payments are withdrawn on the 1st of the month. This plan allows tax payers to make consecutive monthly payments for current taxes and taxes in arrears over a term not exceeding 24 months. TAPP agreements made beginning June 1, 2020 with a term ending no later than December 1, 2022 will have the arrears penalties waived.

  • Customers in arrears (2019 taxes unpaid) can set up TAPP with the first payment commencing  June 1, 2020 or later.
  • Customers who are unable to pay their 2020 taxes, can set up TAPP with first payment commencing  January 1, 2021.

How do you apply for TAPP?
Please contact the Collections Department by emailing or by calling 403.529.8113.

  • Customers who are unable to pay off the entire balance still have the option to make lump sum payments on their tax account at any time.

    Customers can pay taxes with their credit card on or before August 21, 2020 with no fees.   This is a temporary payment option to pay 2020 property taxes in full.  Contact the Customer Service Department at 403.529.8111.

    What payment methods are accepted to pay my Tax Notice?           


    For more information on Property Taxes, visit the Taxation department.