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Automatic Withdrawal

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Automatic Bank Withdrawal (Electronic Funds Transfer) is a means of directly withdrawing funds from your bank account.

All residential customers can sign up for Automatic Bank Withdrawal.  To find out more, please call Customer Service at 403.529.8111 or visit Customer Service, Main Floor, City Hall.

Note: Your utility account must be at a zero balance in order to start Automatic Withdrawal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Automatic Bank Withdrawal?
All residential customers can take advantage of Automatic Bank Withdrawal.

Why use Automatic Bank Withdrawal?
If you are on vacation or out of town, your payment will be made on time avoiding late penalties. This is a convenient and reliable method of ensuring that your bill is paid.

What day will my payments be withdrawn from my bank account?
Your payment date will be the same each month and will be determined at the time of processing your application.

When can I apply for Automatic Bank Withdrawal?
You can apply for Automatic Bank Withdrawal at any time. The program runs from month to month and continues until you ask us to remove you, or a payment is dishonoured by the bank.

NOTE: Your account must be at a zero balance in order to start autowithdrawal.

Withdrawal or Cancellation
Any payments that are dishonoured by the bank are subject to a service charge in  accordance with the Dishonoured Cheque Bylaw and participation in the plan may be cancelled.