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Safety Compliance For Contractors

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Safety Compliance for Contractors Bidding on City Projects
In an ongoing effort to ensure health, safety and environment (HSE) practices are adhered to at the workplace, The City of Medicine Hat (CMH) is enhancing its requirements for contractors who wish to bid on City projects. Commencing January 1, 2019, the City will require all contractors to pre-qualify for HSE through ComplyWorks.

ComplyWorks is a third party software system that assists with contractor management and compliance.
Contractors with less than four employees or who are deemed as professional service providers or suppliers will be exempt from the ComplyWorks system but will still be required to submit HSE, WCB and insurance coverage as a minimum during the bid process. 

City of Medicine Hat is starting this initiative in order to ensure compliance in regards to contractor management and help to ensure the safety of contractors on City of Medicine Hat sites.

In an effort to support contractors in meeting this criteria, the City will facilitate free training where contractors can learn more about setting up or improving HSE management systems. 

Improving HSE Management Systems Training
The aim of the training is to deliver enough information to assist contractors in developing or improving their own HSE management system. The training will also provide support for contractors working for City of Medicine Hat or other owners to help ensure a safe and healthy environment throughout the entire work cycle.

The program will run for a full day and cover the basic requirements of a HSE Management System. The format will be in-class training and will involve different methods of delivery including video and interactive in-class workshops. 

Training Dates
Currently there are no training sessions scheduled.

General Program of Events

  • Introduction (8:30 - 8:45 AM)
  • Company Health and Safety Policy/Culture (8:45 - 9:15 AM)

Break (10 min)

  • Hazard Assessment (9:25 - 11:15 AM)

Break (10 min)

  • Safe Work Practices & Safe Job Procedures (11:25 - 11:50 AM)
  • Company Rules & PPE (11:50 AM - 12:15 PM)

Lunch (30 min)

  •  Preventative Maintenance (12:45 - 1:15 PM)
  • Training & Communication (1:15 - 1:45 PM)

Break (10 min)

  • Inspections & Audits (1:55 - 2:15 PM)
  • Investigations (2:15 - 2:45 PM)

Break (10 min)

  • Records & Statistics (2:55 - 3:25 PM)
  • Emergency Preparedness (3:25 - 4:00 PM)

Medicine Hat Police Service Community Boardroom 884 2nd Street SE


  • Free parking available on site
  • Coffee and a snack will be provided in the morning
  • Bring your own lunch or take lunch off-site
  • No stationary required
  • All training will take place indoors, therefore no PPE will be required

Jason Wheeler
Phone: 403.529.8340

Company Rules and PPE
Company Rules and PPE
Preventative Maintenance
Inspections and Audits
Inspections and Audits
Inspections and Audits