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About Medicine Hat

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Mayor Ted Clugston's State of the City address from January 21, 2014. 

The City

About Medicine Hat

In 1883, the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) stopped to build a bridge across the South Saskatchewan River and a tent town was born. With the arrival of the railroad came the Northwest Mounted Police. They maintained law and order among the railway workers and First Nation’s people of the area and made Medicine Hat a law-abiding town.

In the CPR’s search for water, their drills accidentally struck gas west of the town, heralding the exploration that mapped out one of the largest gas fields in North America. In 1903, City Council embarked on a program to supply all residents with gas, the beginning of a City-owned utility. In 1906, Medicine Hat was incorporated as a City.

About Medicine HatThe name "Medicine Hat" is the English translation of the word 'Saamis', the Blackfoot word for the eagle tail feather headdress worn by Medicine Men. There are several legends cited in connection to this name; one of the most common legends describe a battle between the Blackfoot and the Cree in which a retreating Cree Medicine Man lost his headdress in the South Saskatchewan River.

Medicine Hat is a now a community of 61,180 residents located in the southeast corner of Alberta, and is an excellent destination for all ages at any time of the year. The City of Medicine Hat strives to achieve its vision to be a "Community of Choice"; a place where people choose to live, work and play. Medicine Hat experiences the lowest combined tax rate in Canada, the lowest utility rates in Alberta and an enviable climate. Known as the "oasis of the prairies", Medicine Hat is also Canada's sunniest city. Medicine Hat is located three hours east of Calgary, 146 km North of the United States Border and is approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of Canadian Forces Base Suffield. Residents of Medicine Hat enjoy access to many trails, recreation facilities and arts/cultural activities. For more information regarding Medicine Hat’s unique history and culture, click here.

If you are thinking about making a move to the Gas City, please visit our handy relocation page, which has all the information you need to settle in to the area.

The Organization

Medicine Hat's City Council is responsible for developing and evaluating the policies and the programs of the municipality and delegating the responsibility for carrying out those policies to Administration. 

The Administration for the City is unique because of the organization's public ownership of natural gas and electric utilities. Energy Services is responsible for the Gas and Electric Utilities, whereas the Municipal Services manages the functions of the municipality.

A copy of our organizational chart which outlines our structure can be found by clicking here.

Our Culture, Our Vision, Our Values

What do we believe in? What guides our day-to-day work? Where are we going? These are important questions for the City of Medicine Hat and some of the answers can be found below:

  • Our Vision: to make Medicine Hat a "community of choice".
  • Our Mission: to deliver value through exceptional public service.
  • The City of Medicine Hat values:
    • Accountability
    • Integrity
    • Respect
    • Courage
    • Caring
  • As an organization, our priorities include:
    • Fiscal Responsibility
    • Economic Vitality
    • Infrastructure
    • Community Safety and Vibrancy
    • Sunshine Hospitality
    • City Government

We are committed to building a highly competent workforce that demonstrates strong morale and commitment to the goals and mission of the City of Medicine Hat. We also believe that in creating a work environment that supports an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity, integrity and trust.

Think about a career, not just a job, with the unique Municipality in the country having Gas/Oil interests and generating its own electricity. We're going places - and we want you with us. We value knowledge in every area of our business, and at every level. If you have a background of personal and professional experience - in anything from general life and people skills to highly specialized technical expertise - the chances are that we can show you new ways to make the most of it. The uniqueness of our organization means that the options to further your career are second-to-none. Click here to view the types of career opportunities in the City.