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Storm Outfall Backflow Prevention

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Rain water that falls in Medicine Hat is collected by a stormwater management system which consists of catchbasins, manholes, storm pipe, ponds and outfalls. An outfall is the end of the stormwater management system where collected rain water enters a river or creek. This system is vital to our city since roads and properties would flood during rain events without it. The downside to the system is that when the rivers and creeks are flooding, the outfalls provide a direct route for the river and creeks to flow back into the system and flood our roadways and properties.

The purpose of the storm outfall backflow prevention project is to reduce the possibility of the flood waters from entering the stormwater management system during a high flow event on the South Saskatchewan River, Seven Persons Creek, or Ross Creek.

There are nearly 80 storm sewer outfalls located within the floodplain of the South Saskatchewan River, Seven Persons Creek and Ross Creek. Engineers are determining which outfalls require backflow prevention and which type of device is suitable for each individual outfall.

One such device is a backflow prevention valve which is designed to allow water from the stormwater management system out into the river or creeks. When river/creek flows rise to an elevation that would impact the outfall, the valve closes to ensure to backflow cannot occur.

Should a rain event occur at the same time as a flood event, pumps will be in place to remove the rain water from the storm system and pump it into the river or creeks.

Key Project Milestones and Schedule
Stage Project Stage Estimated Completion Date
I River/Creek Modelling February 2014
II Preliminary Design April 2014
III Detailed Design December 2014
IV Tender Contract awarded to Stark's Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
V Construction 2015 construction season

Public Information Session Open Houses
Date Location Time
March 24 & 25, 2014 Higdon Hall, Stampede Grounds 4 - 8 pm
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