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Hospital Area Residential Parking Permits

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Residents in the hospital area who meet certain criteria are eligible for residential parking permits.  See the hospital residential parking permit area map to find out if you fall within this area.

Who is eligible for permits:

Residents who live in a house or apartment that is adjacent to a hospital area permit zone are eligible to receive permits.  Businesses that are adjacent to a hospital area permit zone are also eligible to receive permits.  These zones are indicated by street signs that state "Except Permit Holder".

How do I get my permits?

Applicants must apply in person at the Municipal Works office located at 188 Kipling Street SE.

What is required in order to obtain parking permits?

Residents must bring photo ID and valid registration for the vehicle(s) that require permits.  Businesses must provide a valid utility statement or lease agreement.

What types of permits are available?

There are three types of permits:

  • Residential (for homeowners or renters)
  • Visitor (for homeowners' visitors/guests)
  • Special (for businesses or other unique circumstances)

How many permits can I get?

Residents of houses or apartments are eligible for one residential permit for each eligible vehicle, along with one visitor permit per household.  Businesses are eligible for a maximum of two special permits.

How long are permits valid?

All permits have a two year cycle, with the expiry date printed on the front of each permit.  Upon expiry of your permit you will be required to come in to Municipal Works to obtain your new ones.  You must bring all current permits that have expired, photo ID and valid vehicle registration before any new permit(s) are issued.

Where are the permits valid?

Hospital area permits are valid only in the hospital area where signs indicate "Except Permit Holder".  (see map above).

What happens if I move or change my license plate?

If you move from the area, you must return your permit(s) to Municipal Works.  

If you change license plates, you must come to Municipal Works in person with your new vehicle registration, photo ID, and all current permits before new ones are issued.

What happens if my permits are lost, stolen or damaged?

Lost or stolen visitor permits will not be replaced until the next cycle (after the expiry date of the current permit).  For all other lost or stolen permits, please contact Municipal Works.

Damaged permits will only be replaced if the majority of the damaged permit is returned in person to Municipal Works.  

How are permit zones enforced?

Permit zones are enforced by the Medicine Hat Police Services.  They can ticket vehicles that do not display valid permits, do not have the correct license plate information, and/or violate posted time restrictions.  If you receive a ticket and have questions, you must contact the Medicine Hat Police Services at 403.529.8481.  

For more information about residential parking permits, please contact:

Municipal Works
188 Kipling Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 1Y3
ph:  403.529.8177

Business Hours:  Monday-Friday:  8:00am to 4:30pm