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City announces intent to accelerate abandonment and reclamation of uneconomic gas fields.


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Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources (NGPR) manages the City’s oil and natural gas assets for the benefit of the taxpayers in the City of Medicine Hat.

This City department focuses on long term sustainability and growth, to maximize current and future value of these resources to citizens. Over the past 15 years, activities of NGPR has delivered $568 million in value and benefit to the City of Medicine Hat, contributing to a high quality of life and prosperous City that is known as a leader in the energy field. 

Tradition of Leadership
The City of Medicine Hat has been in the energy business for more than 100 years. This natural resources wealth contributes to the well-known Medicine Hat Advantage as the City owns and operates its own gas and electric utilities to residents and customers. The annual average dividend of these business units has contributed to low property taxes and a high quality of life for residents.

Did You Know? NGPR (Gas Utility) has been in existence since 1902. Click here to learn more.History
Rudyard Kipling is famously quoted as saying in 1907 that Medicine Hat has ‘all hell for a basement.’ In 1883, railroad crews drilling for water to feed their boilers instead discovered shallow pools of natural gas. Subsequent discoveries led to the harnessing and developing of this fuel to provide the community with heat, light and power. Community leaders quickly capitalized on this special resource, using it to attract a variety of industries that depend on natural gas.
Medicine Hat is also known for its innovation in energy technology:
  • Compressed natural gas for City transit buses and garbage trucks
  • Solar thermal plant
  • Wind energy partnership
  • HAT Smart incentives for residents
Natural Gas and Petroleum Production in Alberta

Alberta’s geological history lends itself to large deposits of oil far beneath the surface. These deposits are mostly trapped within prehistoric Devonian reefs which were formed millions of years ago when seas and tropical weather covered this area. Once this was discovered in the mid-1900s, Alberta became the largest producer of oil and gas products in Canada.

Many of the major oil fields of Alberta are found in the southeast near Medicine Hat, Brooks and Lethbridge. Oil and gas wells are also found in nearby southwestern Saskatchewan. These oilfields have become important to Canada’s economy and have benefited Alberta’s provincial and local economies for many years. 

Natural Gas
Canada is the third largest natural gas producing country in the world, and Alberta is the largest producer in Canada.

NGPR activities in Alberta and Saskatchewan:

A series of non-core dispositions occurred in 2017.  Current well counts are as follows (September 2019):

  • 2847 operated, producing or suspended wells
  • 647 wells in the process of reclamation
  • In addition the City is a working interest holder but non- operator in an additional 586 wells

We are partners in 2 other gas compressor stations operated by other companies, and own 27.6% working interest in the Medicine Hat Glauc C Unit water and polymer floods and the associated major equipment (3 oil batteries, 2 polymer injection skids, 1 source water plant).

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