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Chronology of City Acquisitions

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A “brief” history of the Medicine Hat Gas Utility.

Early 1883 Original gas discovery by CPR, near Alderson while drilling for water to supply the steam engines.
Charles Coulter, a stone mason and builder, drilled a well in his own backyard in an attempt to utilize gas for his own home. After completion of the well, Coulter piped gas into several houses, including a local doctor. This activity led to the development of natural gas in Medicine Hat.
As the commercial value of the resource began to be understood, a private company made an offer to buy the gas franchise. At a rate payers meeting, this bid was turned down and a decision was made to operate the asset as a public utility. Serving the City well, natural gas brought into the City treasury large amounts of money to spend on other public works and helped to keep the tax rate low.
September 1901
The town declared for a municipal gas system with the passage of Bylaw #48.
November 1902
Gas was “turned on” for City gas service. Initially the City Clerk had 130 applications for gas service in the original system.
The City is active in developing additional wells, a gathering system and expending the gas distribution system. To encourage industrial growth, several wells within the City limits were given to industries including Rolling Mills, Alberta Clay Products, Ogilvie Mills, Maple Leaf Mills and Medicine Hat Brick & Tile.
The City acquires the mineral rights from the Federal Government to approximately 12 townships surrounding the City. This agreement formed the basis of the present day Medicine Hat Gas Agreement.
Mineral rights transfer from Federal to Provincial jurisdiction. A formal 21 year gas lease was issued to the City, which has been renewed in 1966, 1987 and 2008.
The City acquires approximately 54 sections of mineral rights north of Seven Persons and begins development drilling in the early 1970’s.
March 1982
The City acquires Pembina Pipeline properties in this area for $46 Million. This purchase more than doubles the number of producing wells from 250 to 500.
May 1985
While exploring for deeper gas zones in the NE field, the City discovers Glauc “C” oil pool.
January 1986
The City acquires the oil and gas assets of the Town of Redcliff, as well as the customer and gas distribution system of the community.
February 1991
The City acquires the first Saskatchewan property from Buttes Resources and SaskOil in Horsham, Richmound and Fox Valley fields for approximately $90 Million.
January 1999
The City acquires the Bigstick property and other Saskatchewan assets from Numac Inc. for $35 Million.
January 2000
City did its first public company take-over with the acquisition of Dundee Petroleum Corporation for approximately $10 Million.
February 2002
City acquired a larger public company, Allied Oil & Gas Corp, with a purchase valued at approximately $95 Million.
November 2007
City acquired the Freefight properties from Pengrowth Corporation for $135 Million. Subsequent to this transaction, the acquisition of the Talisman owned Compression and gathering system in this field was accomplished in April, 2009.
January 2012 City acquired the Manyberries oil assets from Chinook Energy Inc. and WGOH Limited Partnership for $48.6 million.