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Organization and Activities

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NGPR StaffNatural Gas & Petroleum Resources 
The NGPR department carries out the unique activities related to natural gas and oil production such as operations, engineering, acquisitions and development, land and the environment and project administration. This enables the City to undertake ongoing strategic reviews and make recommendations to Council on how to optimize these assets.

Contact Information
Natural Gas & Petroleum Resources office is located at the Gas Utility Building on Kipling Street SE. Many of NGPR’s activities take place in the field where the City’s holdings are located, throughout southern Alberta and in Saskatchewan. 

General Inquiries

Phone: 403.529.8248
Fax: 403.502.8772

Gas Production Partner Well Data

Gas Emergency (24 hours):

  • within City limits: 403.529.8191
  • out of town: 1-866-248-8838
  • Do you smell gas? Find out more.
Guiding Principles

NGPR’s objective is to conduct business in a safe and ethical manner within regulatory standards, maximizing shareholder value and cash flow through controlling costs, expedient abandonment of non-economic assets, optimizing current production, development where economic, and divestment of non-core assets.

Who We Are
NGPR is staffed by a team of experienced professionals in the natural gas and petroleum resources field. The goal is to ensure long-term sustainability of oil and gas wealth generation by the City. 

NGPR Business Units
  • Business Management
  • Surface& Facilities
  • Mineral Land & Contracts
  • Operations
  • Subsurface Technical
Business Units
Kevin Redden
General Manager
Natural Gas & Petroleum Resources

Redden is a Registered Technologist with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. He has over 30 years in resource management and environmental protection specializing in regulatory compliance and risk-based planning to ensure sustainability of native prairie eco-systems, including 12 years’ experience in regulatory monitoring of upstream oil and gas. 

He brings experienced leadership, vision and direction to the NGPR department, developing strategy, providing reports and updates and advising the CAO, City Energy and Utilities Committee and Council.

Jalyn Morissette

Business is responsible for:

  • Production Accounting which is the calculation of petroleum products produced and preparation of volumetric reporting for governments, joint venture partners and financial accounting.
  • Authorization for Expenditures (AFE) the budget of expected costs for a project that is circulated for approval among oil and gas asset owners.
  • Budgets (both operating & Capital), the process of creating financial plan to determine the expenditures required to carry out departmental activities.
  • Business plans the departmental planning tool that aligns the NGPR's goals to City Council's strategic priorities. 
Surface and Facilities
Tory Coombs
Surface and Facilities is responsible for:
  • Surface Land and Environment
    • Negotiating required agreements and consents to acquire and maintain surface access for NGPR activities and facilities.
    • Leading NGPR in the design and implementation of practices, procedures and control systems to ensure protection of the environment during exploration, development and operational activities.
    • Ensuring NGPR carries out their work in compliance with all applicable environmental protection and surface land management legislation, environmental stewardship principles and best industry practices.
    • Reclaiming and restoring surface lands after associated wells and facilities have been abandoned.
  • Facility Engineering & Pipeline Optimization
    • Providing engineering and technical support for NGPR’s operations and development of its compressor stations, oil batteries, natural gas and crude oil gathering and sales pipelines.
    • Support consisting of management of design, installation and completion of capital, maintenance and integrity management projects/programs in accordance with all applicable regulations and City policy and procedures to achieve optimum production.
  • Drilling, Completions, Well Review and Abandonments
    • Designing and executing oil and gas well drilling and completion programs and provide technical support for the Field Operations team including design input and program creation for executing oil and natural gas well intervention activities to repair wells or enhance production.
    • Carrying out drilling, completions, workovers and abandonment activities safely and in adherence to NGPR procedures and government regulations.
Mineral Land & Contracts 
Brad McNeely
Mineral Land & Contracts is responsible for:
  • The acquisition/disposition and maintenance/development of NGPR’s mineral assets including related joint venture contracts and service agreements associated with the efficient development and production of our operated and non-operated mineral assets.
  • Internal and external partner negotiations and communications associated with the effective implementation, development, management and administraton of the mineral assets and associated contracts/service agreements.
  • Ensuring adherence to Federal, Provincial, Municipal and best Industry practices as they relate to the maintenance and management of the mineral assets and related contracts/service agreements.
Kent Edney

Operations is responsible for:
  • Natural Gas Production
    • Operation and maintenance of NGPR compressor stations, wells, gathering and sales pipelines in Southern Alberta and Southwest Saskatchewan. Build and maintain effective working relationships with landowners, contractors and industry personnel.
    • Managing the NGPR assets within budget, with continuous focus on low operating costs, optimum equipment run times and gas production volumes to sales. Safety, training, regulatory compliance, following industry best practices, and adhering to policy, procedures is of prime concern. 
  • Oil Production
    • Managing the day to day operation and maintenance of NGPR oil wells and pipelines and oil treating and water injection facilities in Manyberries and Western Saskatchewan. Responsibilities include evaluating and optimizing daily production, operating cost containment and safety and environmental stewardship in accordance with regulations and NGPR procedures.
    • Providing production engineering support to the asset team and field operations through artificial lift design and troubleshooting, pipeline and facility debottlenecking and well interventions to increase well productivity or mitigate wellbore issues. 
Subsurface Technical 
Jody Smith
Subsurface Technical is responsible for:
  • Maximizing undeveloped oil and gas reserve opportunities on existing NGPR assets
  • Identifing production uplift opportunities in existing wellbores
  • Optimizing reservoir recovery through primary and secondary recovery techniques
  • Applying geological, geophysical and engineering concepts in finding and developing new oil and gas reserves
  • Evaluating undeveloped reserve potential of oil and gas assets for potential acquisition