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Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

Wikipedia: Petroleum Industry
Explains Upstream definitions (exploration and development), Midstream (transportation, storage and wholesale) and Downstream (refining and processing)
Wikipedia: Natural Gas
Natural Gas and what it is, how it is formed, collected and used for power
Wikipedia: Oil Well
Describes oil wells including types of wells, life of a well and history of oil wells around the world
Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Governs all activities related to natural gas and petroleum production in Alberta.

“The AER is authorized to make decisions on applications for energy development, monitoring for compliance assurance, decommissioning of developments, and all other aspects of energy resource activities (activities that must have an approval under one or more of the six provincial energy statutes). This authority extends to approvals under the public lands and environment statutes that relate to energy resource activities.”
Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector: Regulatory Paradigm Shift (PDF)
Describes processes and rules, and has articles about current topics in the energy field. This short publication describes AER regulation in today’s complex environment.
Alberta Reclamation and Remediation Terms (PDF) Glossary