Elm Scale Management Project

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Project Description

The City is actively treating American elm trees for European elm scale, an invasive species of insect, using a highly effective biopesticide.

The biopesticide is injected into each elm tree’s vascular system, ultimately reducing insect populations as they ingest the biopesticide through regular feeding activities.

Timing & Traffic Accommodations

The injection project began in May and concluded in June.


Elm trees account for 15% of Medicine Hat’s public tree inventory and the canopies are iconic to our City. These trees were planted many year ago and would not exist in large populations without the stewardship of citizens.

The benefits of trees are numerous, from their beauty to many environmental services they provide. Managing the health of our elm trees is a priority to the community.


Injected trees have been marked with yellow flagging tape to inform the public that our trees need help. Parks and Recreation encourages property owners to water their trees and, if possible, trees adjacent to their property. This is very effective in reducing the onset and impact of invasive tree pests.


The biopesticide is handled only by, or under the supervision of, a licensed pesticide applicator.

Environmentally, the pesticide is less harmful to pollinating insects than other pesticides.

The practice of injecting the trees eliminates any exposure of the pesticide to the public, pets and wildlife.


The City of Medicine Hat would like to thank residents and businesses for their support in the care of all trees. We all benefit from a healthy urban forest.

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