Fitness Services

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We offer the following Personal Training options to meet your fitness goals. Please phone the Front Desk at 403.525.8904 to book a session offered by appointment.


Bypass the intimidation of entering a big fitness centre. Free 1-hour introduction to best practices and general usage guidelines; includes concepts to maximize your safety and results as well as a cardio equipment and Life Fitness Circuit usage walk through.


We build an individual program specific to your current level of functioning aligned with your needs, goals and time realities; includes a fundamental movement screen, general health, nutrition and exercise history discussion. Based on the above, a training program is designed for clients to implement on their own, or to book follow up personal/pod training at their discretion.

 Program Design

Building on the initial Program Design session, Personal Training allows clients a one-on-one opportunity to focus on form, goals and needs specific to their current level on an ongoing basis. Having a knowledgeable trainer providing a progression plan, corrections and motivation improves the individual’s potential for success whatever their goals may be (rehabilitation, weight loss, excellence in sport, completing a 5km run etc).

 Personal Training

Small group sessions offer similar benefits to personal training at half the cost. Using information from the Personal Program design session trainers will oversee, challenge, and progress up to four clients at a time with similar needs and goals.

 POD Small Group

Teams, schools or any group over six people can book to have sport specific training planned, built, and overseen by our fitness professionals. Trainers will work with coaches to provide the best fit for that team, age and developmental level.

 Large Group

Those wishing to establish some baselines and identify measurable outcomes are encouraged to book a Fitness Assessment. There are multiple levels:

Body Composition Assessment:
Height / Weight relationship (BMI), body girths, and skinfold caliper body composition review.

Full Fitness Assessment:
Includes body composition as well as resting heart rate and blood pressure testing, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular / VO2 max testing.