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Sustainable Parks Maintenance

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A recent review of maintenance standards of more than 200 City parks occurred in an effort to achieve the appropriate balance of community service and long-term resource sustainability. As a result of this review, some adjustments to service levels in various City parks have been incorporated.

By adjusting parks service levels, the City will achieve an annual financial savings of $200,000, representing a 2.3% reduction in parks maintenance costs.

The review of maintenance standards considered park type and the volume of utilization in determining where to adjust service levels, with lower use parks seeing more changes. Further evaluation of the service level adjustments will continue over the summer, and modifications may occur as needed to best balance resident needs with long-term sustainability efforts.

A multi-faceted adjustment in service levels will achieve the desired outcomes including:

  • Reduction in the amount of park space that is maintained or manicured and the reintroduction of coarse grass areas where space is not purposefully used and public usage is lower;
  • Increased mowing heights in less high profile locations which allows for greater moisture retention;
  • Reducing turf maintenance practices such as fertilizer, aerating, dethatching, gopher control and leaf cleanup in Class B parks, Class C parks, and boulevard areas;
  • Reduction in rough cut mowing (mowing in low usage/low profile natural/coarse grass areas) from four to two times per season;
  • Reduction in irrigation levels in Class B, C park areas, and boulevards;
  • Reduction in water fountain hours of operation from ten hours per day to a staggered 5 hours per day during the spring/summer operating season, thereby decreasing potable water consumption charges;
  • Reduction and/or elimination of less prominent or low public value flower beds;
  • Reduction in seasonal staff hours for fall park cleanups.

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