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  Building A Healthier Community
Dr. James Talbot, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta Health, and Stan Schwartzenberger, Development and Infrastructure Commissioner, describe the role of communities in designing and building for a healthier community.
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Instructional Video for Isolation Valve Gate Installation

These videos provide the steps required to install and/or remove the gate provided with the isolation valve.  

Please note there are only two circumstances where residents will be required to close their Sanitary Sewer Isolation Valve:
1) Once a year for maintenance purposes first or second week of May (insert and remove the same day).
2) When you are advised by the Director of Emergency Management due to an emergency situation.  

*IMPORTANT NOTE* - If you are asked to close your isolation valve and evacuate, please ensure that the Water and Water Heater Gas Valve are SHUT OFF 







Tax Assessment      403-529-8114 

How will the 2013 Flood affect your Tax Assessment Q&A 

Disaster Recovery Program Office 888.671.1111

Sanitary Sewer Isolation Valve Assistance Program


Electricity/Gas Re-connections

Flood Line 403.502.8900 City Hall, 580 First Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB
Public Health Inspections 403.502.8205

Red Cross 403.526.3048
Government of Alberta
For up-to-date City of Medicine Hat News Releases, visit the City Newsroom.

Veiner Centre Structural Review 11:30 AM, August 2, 2013


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