Subdivision Historical Resources Act Compliance

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As of 2019, amendments to Section 5.5 of the Subdivision and Development Regulations now includes steps to ensure that historic resources are protected at the time of subdivision.  Previously, Historical Resources Act (HRA) approval from the Province of Alberta was only needed at the Area Structure Plan stage of a development.  The Province now requires HRA approval to be done at the subdivision stage as well.

The updated regulations require subdivision applications that are within or adjacent to lands having an assigned Historic Resource Value (HRV) of 1, 2, 3 or 4 must have Historical Resources Act (HRA) approval prior to endorsement and any development occurring (see map below).   HRV 1 is the highest level of protection afforded to lands that have been evaluated.

herit_resourc_valu_thSee map of HRV lands in Medicine Hat (PDF)

If the subject lands are totally within, or partially overlap, areas identified as Historic Resource Value (HRV) of 5, HRA approval is not required if the subdivision is for the following purposes only:

  • First parcel out of a quarter section; or
  • 80 acre split; or
  • Lot line / boundary adjustment; or
  • Parcel consolidation.

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