Land Use Bylaw

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The Municipal Government Act (s.639) requires that every municipality must pass a land use bylaw. The City of Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw #4168 was approved by City Council on August 6, 2013. Land Use District Maps
The Land Use District Maps depict the Land Use District classifications of properties throughout the city. City Council adopts the mapping by resolution. A Rezoning Application is required to amend the Land Use Bylaw for the purpose of changing the District classification of a site.

Click section to see detailed land use map. (Maps overlap).

 MH_LUB-keymap2017-sm north northwest northeast west east central southwest southeast

1 - North

2 - Northwest

3 - Northeast

4 - West

5 - Central

6 - East

7 - Southwest

8 - Southeast

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Other Maps

Land Use Bylaw Amendments
Applications to amend the Land Use Bylaw are made through the City Clerk Department.  It is recommended that applicants speak to a City Planner with the Planning & Development Services Department prior to application.  


If you have any questions regarding the Land Use Bylaw please contact:
Planning Services
Phone: 403.529.8374