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If you own or operate a business based outside of Medicine Hat, but you intend to begin business activities within the City, this page will provide the information you need.

Consider when you want to launch your business operation in the City. Do not apply for approvals the day before you want to begin. The timeline to obtain approvals can vary significantly depending on the permits and approvals that are required for your business type and location of activities. It may only take a few days, or it may take weeks.


Non-Resident Business: A business that operates within the City, in whole or in part, but neither maintains a permanent Medicine Hat residence, nor is listed on any current City tax assessment roll.
Only certain businesses are allowed to operate in this manner. Since non-resident businesses do not pay City taxes, the fee for a City business license is higher than for a local business.

Transient Trader: A non-resident person who conducts business from a premises within Medicine Hat.


All businesses operating in Medicine Hat, including businesses based outside of City limits, are required to have a valid City of Medicine Hat business license. 

The City of Medicine Hat has a responsibility to ensure that businesses operating within Medicine Hat are in compliance with regulations and safety requirements and that all businesses are held to a fair operating standard. It is also important to ensure that businesses are located appropriately (for example: temporary retail locations), to minimize negative impacts on other property owners. A valid business license establishes this.

The required approvals vary for each business license type, as defined by City bylaws. For more information on specific business types, contact us and we will let you know about your required approvals.

Planning & Development Services
Second floor, City Hall
580 1st Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 8E6
Phone 403.529.8374



Please review this user guide before you apply online:
icon_PDFUser Guide for ePermit (Business Licenses)


In person

You can print and complete the application form (below) and visit Planning & Development Services. Or just drop by and we will provide you a form and assist you.

icon_PDFBusiness license application 

Business license fees vary depending on the business. View fee schedule.

There are two options for non-resident business licenses: Yearly or daily. If you choose yearly term, the license is valid for one calendar year. Renewal invoices are mailed to licensed businesses 30 days before the renewal is due. If you choose daily term, you must provide the exact dates on which you will be performing business operations within the City, and you will be charged for each of those days. 

Your application must include full payment. The City accepts payments in cash, cheques and debit (not credit cards) therefore applicants will typically pay in person at the counter of Planning and Development Services.

If you wish to mail your application, it is advisable to phone or email us first so we can help you with your particular license application.

We are open 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Planning & Development Services
Second floor, City Hall
580 1st Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB  T1A 8E6
Phone 403.529.8374

If you plan to change your business location, and you already have a business license, you should notify Planning & Development Services before the move occurs (no charge).

If you close or sell your business, notify Planning & Development Services so your license file can be closed. If you sell your business, the new owner(s) must apply for a new business license, and potentially, other approvals will also be required.  If your business closes, the business license fee is non-refundable.

In addition to obtaining a City business license, various situations related to businesses may require other approvals. You can find more information by visiting the links below, or by contacting Planning & Development Services at 403.529.8374.

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  Special event & festival permits

  Police information check (Medicine Hat Police Service)

  Direct Sellers' License (Government of Alberta)

  Other business & occupation approvals