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Graffiti Management

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Medicine Hat has a new Graffiti Bylaw and we need your help to wipe out graffiti in our community! The plan is to eradicate graffiti through education and enforcement. Graffiti is any drawing, inscription, writing or other mark that disfigures or defaces any buildings, accessory buildings, dwellings or structures. By working together,we can eliminate graffiti from our city. The City of Medicine Hat is committed to removing graffiti from all City-owned assets. 

You can help reduce graffiti in your community.

Report It

Residents can report graffiti by calling the Medicine Hat Police Service at 403.529.8400. If you see someone in the act of applying graffiti call 9-1-1. You can also report graffiti on a City-owned asset by calling 403.502.8019.

Remove It 

Remove graffiti from your property as quickly as possible. Graffiti is a crime that impacts all members of the community. Victims of graffiti include often include:

  • Property owners who incur the expense of removing graffiti
  • Business owners who incur a loss of customers from the negative image of graffiti
  • Property and business owners who may incur devalued property
  • The community which may incur the image of a community in decline
  • Taxpayers whose dollars are spent removing graffiti on public infrastructure