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History of Advocacy

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Working toward Inclusion for all

History of Advocacy

The Advisory Committee on Disability Issues was formed in September 1992.

Founding members included Shirley Dupmeir, Ken Schneider and Gary Hooper. Over 25 members of the community have participated on the ACDI since its inception.
 Year     Highlights 
 2012  ACDI published a written report on their activities for 2011 - ACDI Report 2011
 2011  ACDI published a written report on their activities for 2010 - ACDI Report 2010
 2010  Terms of Reference Updated.

At the request of departments, ACDI consulted on accessibility at voting stations, bus stop shelters, new commercial developments, revisions to the public roads bylaw, seating at the Esplanade, renovations at the Library theatre, Southridge Drive development committee, skating facilities and the Sports Wall of Fame at the Family Leisure Centre.

ACDI represented the needs of persons with disabilities at several open houses: Playground Redevelopment Project, First Street Safety Review, Strathcona Playground Redevelopment, Snow and Ice Removal, Transit Terminal Relocation.

ACDI provided interactive solution focused disability awareness training for key City staff from a variety of City departments.

ACDI published a written report on their activities for 2009:  ACDI Report 2009 

 At the request of departments, ACDI performed Accessibility Audits and reports to support departments and facilities with becoming increasingly accessible and inclusive. Facilities audited included: the Transit Terminal, 6 voting stations, 3 playgrounds, 2 outdoor pools, and the ready to roll solid waste bins.

ACDI produced the fact sheet "A Profile of Disability in Canada"

 2008  ACDI provided feedback to Transit, Parks, Municipal Works, and Building Services with regard to making the City more accessible for all citizens.
 2007  Part Time Community Inclusion Coordinator position approved.
 2006  Workshop on Universal Design.
Hosted Premier’s Council on Disability Issues meeting.
 2005  City Hall Lay-by.
Transit Review Participation.
 2004  Community Inclusion Strategy.
AISH Review.

 Input on Housing Consultation.


 2002  Accessibility of South Ridge
Professional Centre.
 2001  Accessible Gym Equipment.
 2000  Sidewalks and Audible Signage.
Accessibility Assessment.
 1999      First Annual Trade Show.
Parking Violation Fines.


 Input to planning of Leisure Centre.
Recycling Access.
 1997  Handicapped Parking Guidelines.
Lift at Municipal Airport.
 1996  Snow Removal.
Arena Seating.
 1995  Accessibility Review of Recreation Facilities.
 1994  Accessible Taxis.
Downtown Crosswalks.


 Land Use Bylaw Amendments.
Accessible Shopping Locations.
 1992 Housing Survey.
Handicapped parking.
Five Star Program.