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Electric Distribution Services

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Underground Residential Services
Building a new home or upgrading an existing home? For information you will need to know regarding Underground Residential Services, click on one of the links below.

Overhead Service Areas
For those customers who are building homes in areas serviced by overhead power lines but wishing to install an underground service to their home are required to dig their own trench. The Electric Distribution department will install the electric service cable and perform the permanent connection.

Residential lots in Dunmore and on City View Drive are classified as this service area type. Please supply us with a copy of the site plan for your home prior to digging the trench.

Permits are available through City Hall at the Planning & Development department. Each customer (or person responsible for paying the utility bill) is required to ‘sign-on’ at Utility Billing at City Hall for their temporary service. Arrangements are then made to have power hooked up to the homeowners or their electrician’s temporary electrical service box.

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Location of the Electric Meter
The applicant or contractor will suggest the location of the electric meter set and service line. Meter placement will conform to Alberta Safety Codes Regulations.

Box Service or Stub Service

Depending on the residential building lot the new home will be constructed on, the permanent electrical service may be from a submersible box or a stub.

Submersible Box Service
For those residential lots serviced by a submersible box, the Electric Utility will arrange to dig the trench and lay the electric cable after the backfill has been set around the house foundation. The meter location also needs to be marked on the house. The electric meter should be on the same side of the home as the electric services come into the property. The meter socket should be placed from the corner up to two (2) meters along the sidewall or halfway across the back with no interference from a deck.

Stub Service
For residential lots serviced from a stub, the procedure is slightly different from a submersible box. The temporary electric service box uses the electric service cable at the stub. The home will need to be completely wired, with electrical outlets inside, prior to the Electric Distribution department digging a trench and laying the electric service cable.

Final permanent electric service is hooked up once the electric permit has been released and the service is paid.

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