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Gas Distribution Services

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New Service
Each new service and load addition requires that an application form be completed to determine the appropriate cost estimate for the customer. Once a service size, meter configuration and a main determination are completed, a cost estimate is calculated by Gas Distribution and a copy of the application can be returned if requested by the Customer.

Gas Distribution requires one copy of the applicant’s surveyed and drafted site plan and mechanical drawings. The site plan must accurately show property lines, building locations, other service running lines and any of the applicant’s facilities. These plans will be used to identify the location of the meter and regulator at the building, and to pick an alignment for the underground service.

No work by the Gas Distribution Department can commence until the requested information and a signed application form have been completed. At some time during the construction, seasonal delays may occur because of our workload. Early authorization is strongly recommended to avoid a seasonal rush.

Before new commercial/industrial installations can be put into service, the Gas Distribution Department will require a deposit. Once the application has been processed, the required deposit amount will be sent by the applicant.

Location of the Gas Meter
The applicant or contractor will suggest the location of the gas meter set and service line. Alberta Safety Codes Regulations state that a regulator with an internal relief vent must not be installed within one (1) meter of an opening window, door, dryer vent or fresh air opening.

Winter Installation
A frost charge exists for service installation during winter conditions.

Gas Bylaw
General rules and policies along with information regarding the construction of garages, decks or dwelling additions over gas lines, gas risers or gas meter locations can be found under Bylaw #2489. Proper authorization from the City of Medicine Hat Gas Distribution Department is required and construction is strictly regulated under this Bylaw and the regulations of the authority having jurisdiction. Please notify Gas Distribution before doing any work of this type, so the plans can be reviewed and arrangements can be made for any necessary service locations at the customer’s expense. Landscaping Around Gas Mains
Further information on landscaping around gas mains can be found in the following document:

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