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Power Outages

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The City of Medicine Hat is committed to the safety of our customers, the environment and our employees 

If you are experiencing a power outage
First check with neighbors to verify the extent of the outage
Should there be a number of your neighbors without power, contact us to report the outage.

If you are the only person experiencing a power outage
Check all breakers on your electrical panel by turning them 'off' and then back to the 'on' position. Ensure you have fully turned them 'off' before resetting to the ‘on’ position.

If this does not work, turn the main breaker located high in the panel box to the ‘off’ position and then back to the ‘on’ position. Should your power still be out, contact us.

Contact Us
Electric Distribution
Phone: 403.529.8260

Backup Generators
If you are in possession of a backup generator, and will use it during a power outage, plug your appliances directly into your generator.

PLEASE DO NOT plug your generator into your house