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Power Line Safety

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The City of Medicine Hat is committed to the safety of our customers, the environment and our employees 

The Real Danger of Power Lines
The dangers of coming into contact with overhead powerlines can be instant and lethal. Respect the power by exercising precautions and ask yourself, "What can I do to stay safe?"

Overhead power lines must always be considered ‘un-insulated’.
Getting too close or contacting them will result in electric shock.

Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around
Always be aware of potential hazards.

  • After storms, be on the lookout for fallen or sagging wires.
  • Before doing any work near power lines, know where all of the power lines are located.
  • Make sure swimming pools and hot tubs are situated well away from power lines.
  • Do not plant trees where they will grow into power lines.
  • Install antennas at a distance at least equal to the height of the antenna plus three meters.
  • Teach children to stay away and to never play around power substations, poles, towers, fences and trees near power lines or electrical equipment.
  • Never fly kites near overhead power lines.
  • Never spray water at power lines.
  • Never try to open or poke sticks or other objects into underground transformer boxes.
  • Stay out of substations and areas marked “Keep Out” or “Danger”.
  • Avoid going outdoors during a lightning storm.
  • Rubber gloves WILL NOT protect you from the voltages carried by overhead power lines.
  • Wood CAN conduct electricity

Contact Us
For assistance retrieving items tangled in power lines or accidentally thrown into a substation area, contact us.

Electric Distribution

More Information
For more information on electrical safety, follow the link below

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