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Tree Safety

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The City of Medicine Hat is committed to the safety of our customers, the environment and our employees 

Trees and Electrical Safety
Electric Distribution is committed to providing safe and reliable electrical services. Tree contact or trees growing too close to power lines can create a public safety hazard as well as cause an interruption in electrical service. Always plant your trees away from power lines. For more information on planting trees, see the Safe Planting section below.

Cutting and Removing Trees
DO NOT attempt to cut or remove trees in proximity of power lines. This can be very dangerous or even deadly. Contact the electric department and we will provide courtesy service to remove the limbs of the tree from the potential danger area.

Electric Distribution General Enquiries Line:
Phone: 403.529.8262

Moving Trees
DO NOT attempt to move a tree that has fallen into a power line. Ensure you STAY CLEAR as a dangerous "step and touch" potential situation could occur. Contact us for assistance.

Electric Distribution Emergency Line:
Phone: 403.529.8260

Trees that have grown to a point where they are close to energized power lines must be trimmed by Electric Distribution.