The City of Medicine Hat considers utility sustainability to be a key strategic and economic concern for all residents. The Utilities Business Development and Support Department provides strategic direction and support to the City of Medicine Hat Utilities Division to help ensure long-term sustainability. Services provided through the department include:

Environmental Sustainability
HS StackedThe Utilities Business Development and Support Department provides the community with tools and leadership to support sustainable environmental practices. Our team focuses on energy and water conservation, renewable energy, education, incentives, and leadership through the HAT Smart program.

Utilities Division Sustainability
Our team provides internal analytical support to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the City’s Utilities Division. We work diligently to develop fair and reasonable commodity and non-commodity rates. Additionally, our staff manages automated metering infrastructure in order to support customer billing and perform Utility-specific analytics.

Business support is provided to:

For more information on the services provided by each department, please visit their respective pages.