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City Environmental Initiatives

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Our community's substantial natural gas fields make the City of Medicine Hat one of only a handful of municipalities in the world that produces and distributes its own natural gas and electricity. As such, Medicine Hat is typically referred to as "Energy Central".

In recognizing our unique position to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives, the City of Medicine Hat aims to be a leader in sustainable environmental practices. In April 2004, the City launched the Going Green program to ensure that our city continues to develop in a sustainable manner. This helps the City of Medicine Hat adapt to and mitigate any future challenges we may face as a community.

Why Invest in Green Initiatives?

  • Wind and Solar are both clean, renewable energy sources
  • With around 330 days of sunshine per year and being situation in one of the windiest regions in Canada, Medicine Hat is located in a prime location to harness both these energy sources
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Investing in renewable sources of energy helps diversify the city’s energy mix
  • Decrease our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which contribute to a rising global average temperature and related climate changes

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Investing in renewable energy helps the City of Medicine Hat care for the environment that surrounds us and also ensures we are prepared to face potential challenges of the future. Through the HAT Smart program, hundreds of residential solar electric installations have been supported, while various renewable energy initiatives have also been completed in our community.

For more information on each of these projects, click the links below.

Library Solar panels FLC Turbine Solar Thermal
Medicine Hat Public Library
Solar Electric
Family Leisure Centre
Solar Electric
Box Springs
Wind Farm
Power Plant
Solar Thermal