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EnerGuide Home Evaluation

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Knowledge Saves Power_01 KSPMaking your home more energy efficient is a great way to help lower your monthly utility bills, while also creating a more comfortable and healthy living environment. Deciding what upgrades you need to tackle can be tricky unless you know what to look for and how to correct any issues you may have. By understanding your electricity usage and associated costs, you will be in a better position to implement cost-saving actions. If you are a homeowner, it is recommended that you consider contacting an energy advisor to complete an EnerGuide home evaluation.

What is an EnerGuide Home Evaluation?

An EnerGuide home evaluation provides personalized advice for improving your home’s overall efficiency. It will help to identify opportunity for improvements in your home’s comfort and efficiency, saving you money on your utility bills overtime. You can save 5 to 30% on your energy bill by making efficiency upgrades recommended by an EnerGuide home evaluation.

An energy advisor will complete an examination of your home to look for air leakage, insulation, and the furnace and ductwork. They may use equipment to detect sources of energy loss, such as blower doors, infrared cameras, furnace efficiency meters, and surface thermometers. Walk through your home with the auditors as they work, and ask questions. Your questions and answers may help uncover some simple ways to reduce your household's energy consumption. 

Following the evaluation, the energy advisor will provide you with a report with recommendations for upgrades that will have the most impact in improving your home’s overall efficiency. The report will also include your home's efficiency rating, which you can use to compare to similar homes in your area as well as a comparison against your post-upgrades rating.

For more information on EnerGuide home evaluations, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.

Finding an Energy Advisor

To assist residents, the City of Medicine Hat has compiled a list of organizations providing service to Medicine Hat. See the current list in one of the resources below.

Energy advisors work with licensed service organizations. Visit one of the Natural Resources Canada links below to find a complete list of service organization that will connect you to an energy advisor servicing our community.

Benefits of an EnerGuide Home Evaluation

  • A thorough understanding of your home's overall efficiency.
  • A detailed, written report of findings during the evaluation.
  • Personalized advice from an energy advisor on upgrades that will make the most improvement in your home.
  • Improved comfort and lower utility bills when the recommended upgrades are made.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades may increase the value of your home.

DIY Energy Audits

Want to Do-It-Yourself? Learn more about the HAT Smart Home Energy Self-Audit Toolkit and Infrared Thermography Cameras that are available for loan at the Medicine Hat Public Library. 

NOTE: Do-It-Yourself users should understand that infrared thermography is a skilled science utilized by qualified professionals using highly sophisticated and advanced level cameras.  Before proceeding with alteration to your home or any of its components, diagnostic advice should be sought from a certified energy advisor.

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