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Understanding Your Utility Bill

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Knowledge Saves Power_01 KSPWhy is my utility bill high?

There are many reasons why your utilitybill could be higher than expected. Before contacting the City, it is beneficial to investigate your usage to see if you can find the source of the increase. That way, you will be better prepared to get to the bottom of your concern when you talk to Customer Service.

Some common reasons for a higher than expected bill, include:

Commodity rates – fluctuations in market conditions will impact commodity rates and, subsequently, your bill. The City works hard to maintain the “Medicine Hat Advantage”.

Learn more about home we compare to customers in other Alberta cities.

Monthly variations – did your household or lifestyle recently change? Variations may be due to visitors, more days spent at home, and/or additions such as a hot tub, home office, or new electronics and appliance. Try to recall if there have been any significant renovations, lifestyle changes, or events within your home over the last few months.

Warmer weather- in the summer, we tend to air conditioners for longer periods of time. Try using fans to help move around the cool air. Contact a qualified professional to service the a/c and furnace and remember to replace filters regularly.

Were you keeping your lawn green during a dry summer?Outdoor water consumption can account for up to 50% of water use in the summer month. Ensure that you used water wisely to save.

Colder weather - furnaces works harder to keep homes warm in the winter. Heating can account for up to 50% of your home's electricity bill. To save energy, close vents in rooms that are used less often andmake sure that you check and replace weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows.

It’s different from my neighbour’s — your bills may not be comparable. Each home is unique in its build and use. Energy usage and efficiency is the result of numerous factors including the home’s construction, windows and doors, amount of insulation, and individual lifestyles.

You've got a leak -a dripping faucet or leaky toilet can be the main cause for significant water consumption and high utility bills. Toilets are notorious for hidden leaks and if gone undetected they can waste thousands of litres per day. You may not always be able to hear the leak, so it is important to check the toilet and parts periodically.

What should I do if my utility bill is high?

Contact Customer Service- Customer Service responds to and resolves sensitive and complex customer service concerns, develops and distributes customer communication regarding City policies, practices and procedures, and ensures standards for customer care and collections are met. If you have utility billing inquiries, please call Customer Service at 403.529.8111 or e-mail

Sign up for eUtility – monitor your consumption by viewing hourly usage details and consumption history. Hourly consumption data can aid the customer in managing commodity consumption and better understand conservation options. Follow the instructions on your eUtility account to view hourly data.

Take advantageof rebates - the HAT Smart program offers incentives to help residential customers make smarter energy conscious home upgrades. To learn more about the incentives currently being offered, click the link below.

Checkout a Self-Audit Toolkit - learn more about your home by checking out a Self-Audit Toolkit and an Infrared Thermography Camera from the Medicine Hat Public Library. A Medicine Hat Public Library Adult Card is required. The loan period is three weeks and a ‘hold’ can be placed on both items.

Check for water leaks – hidden leaks in your home can waste significant amounts of water each day, leading to an increase in your utility bill. To learn more about how you can check for leaks, click the link below.

Make your home more efficient – the best way to save money is by simply using less.

What do the charges on my utility bill mean?

Are you interested in learning more about what each charge means on your utility bill? Click the link below for more information.