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Former Medicine Hat Mayors

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The following table provides a detailed list of all the former Mayor's of Medicine Hat. 

Name Dates Years in Office
W. B. Marshall 1899-1900 One
W. T. Finlay 1900-1903 Three
*A. C. Hawthorne 1903-1904 Three in total
T. Hutchinson 1904-1905 One
F. G. Forster 1905-1907 Two
W. Cousins 1907-1909 Two
D. Milne 1909-1912 Three
Nelson Spencer 1912-1914 Two
*M. A. Brown 1914-1915 Four in total
*A. C. Hawthorne 1915-1917 Three in total
S. Cruikshank 1917-1918 One
*M. A. Brown 1918-1921 Four in total
Walter Huckvale 1921-1926 Five
I. Bullivant 1926-1939 Thirteen
*Hector Lang 1939-1947 Nine in total
W. M. Rae 1947-1949 Two
*Hector Lang 1949-1950 Nine in total
Wilson Riley 1950-1952 Two
*Harry Veiner 1952-1966 Twenty in total
Chuck J. Meagher 1966-1968 Two
*Harry Veiner 1968-1974 Twenty in total
*Ted J. Grimm 1974-1977 Twenty four in total
Milt J. Reinhardt 1977-1980 Three
*Ted J. Grimm 1980-2001 Twenty four in total
Garth Vallely 2001-2007 Six
Norm Boucher 2007-2013 Six
Ted Clugston 2013-present  

* Indicates the Mayor served nonconsecutive terms.