Deceased Animal Pick-Up

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Wild animals are known to carry a wide variety of parasites and disease, so please do not handle carcasses. Instead contact one of the following if you come across a deceased animal:

 Location of Carcass Who to Contact
City of Medicine Hat roadways or sidewalks City of Medicine Hat Municipal Works Department at 403.529.8177
City of Medicine Hat Trails, Park Areas, and Private Property City of Medicine Hat Parks and Recreation Department at 403.529.8333
Highway 3 running through Medicine Hat from Gershaw Drive Overpass to west city limit, or outside city limits

Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) running through Medicine Hat from east city limits to west city limits or outside the city limits
Volker Stevin toll free at 1.888.877.6237 or their Medicine Hat local at 403.526.9079