COVID-19 Alberta's Relaunch

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Alberta's Relaunch Strategy

The Alberta government has created a website that details conditions for relaunch, key measures to watch, relaunch stages and more. Please click here to view.


Alberta Biz Connect

The Alberta government has announced a new website to help businesses reopening with phase one of the relaunch. Find out all the details here:

Alberta's COVID-19 Workplace Guidance for Business Owners

Please click here to view PDF.


Securing Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • In the event that specific PPE is not available locally or through suppliers, employers can access the following website to order PPE through the Provincial Operations Centre (POC).
  • For issues with PPE orders, employers can follow up with a query to
  • To connect with the Provincial Operations Centre: 1.866.618.2362

PPE: Additional Information

What type of businesses can access the PPE available on the website (in the drop down menu on the website, businesses are listed but some are not – want to make sure that those businesses that require PPE are not missed)? 

  • There are a number of business types identified in the drop down menu – if businesses do not see their type listed, choose “Other” and then in the box below, identify what type of business they are operating.

  • The businesses that are currently identified on the list are the ones that are able to operate in Alberta at this time.  As more businesses are allowed to open, more business types will be added. 

  • PPE requests should be coming in from businesses that are currently allowed to operate or will be allowed to operate in the next phase, beginning May 14.  Businesses not yet allowed to open should wait to order PPE.

  • Businesses should source locally, where possible. 

What costs are associated?

  • Costs are not identified on this website.  Businesses should fill out the form, identifying what they require and then the list with costs will be sent to them in an email.
  • PPE is available on a cost recovery basis; POC is not looking to profit on these products.


  • For businesses that are re-opening on May 14, they should be looking at placing an order as soon as possible